Grange Hil. Series Three – Episode Six

grange hill s03e06

Written by Margaret Simpson.  Tx 25th January 1980

The bicycle thefts are still continuing. Pogo decides to take the law into his own hands and organises a watch on the bike sheds (inevitably he ends up getting caught by Mr Garfield). Meanwhile, the girls are pursuing a more fruitful line of enquiry – they decide to visit the bike shop on the high street to see if any of their bikes are there.

Their presence is enough to spook the shop owner (who, as we have seen, has been receiving the stolen bikes) and it eventually sets in motion the chain of events which leads to the bike thieves and Madelin Tanner getting caught.

This takes place via a lovely film sequence. Tucker and his friends, with Mr Baxter, are returning from a cross country run whilst Pogo and his classmates are also returning to the school from the opposite direction (after a field trip to the local park). Spotting Tanner and one of the thieves (although they weren’t actually in possession of a stolen bike at the time, so it’s difficult to see what actual evidence could have been used to convict them) the two groups of children converge on the hapless pair.

Tucker manhandles Madelin Tanner, whilst Mr Baxter rugby-tackes the man and realises that he’s an ex-pupil. This would be Lesley Woods’ seventh and final appearance as Madelin Tanner and apart from three uncredited appearances on the Benny Hill Show she doesn’t appear to have made any further film or television appearances.

2 thoughts on “Grange Hil. Series Three – Episode Six

  1. Graham Ashley (Mr Garfield) was the first of a handful of Grange Hill caretakers to grace the school grounds over the three decades the programme was on air.

    Graham died of cancer in October 1979, before this series was televised. He only appears in the first few episodes of Series 3, which were filmed earlier in 79.

    It is clear from his physical appearance he was ill when he played Mr Garfield for his last stint in the programme. He had lost a considerable bit of weight and he looked a little frail.

    A very sad end to key character from the early days of GH.


  2. Classic episode, from Pogo on the roof eating crisps to Duane giving Mr Garfield a Hitler salute to what seemed like a hundred kids chasing Tanner and friend. Bullet Baxter’s rugby tackle was the icing on the cake.


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