The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club – 31st December 1974

wheel s02e08

Tonight’s Turns:

Charlie Williams
Kristine Sparkle
Brother Lees
Matt Monro
Freddie Garrity

It’s New Years Eve at the Wheeltappers, so decorations, party hats and Auld Lang Syne are all to the fore. But this merriment has to come to an end eventually as it’s time for the turns to do their thing. First up are “one of Great Britain’s top recording groups” Design. Active between 1968 and 1976 (and across a range of record companies including Epic, Capitol and EMI) they may not have had many hits but thanks to a string of television spots (they appeared with Morecambe and Wise, Reg Varney, Vera Lynn, Tommy Cooper, Val Doonican, The Two Ronnies and many others) Design would have been a familiar sight to most the watching audience.

On a slightly melancholy note, it seems that this Wheeltappers performance of Listen to the Music was their final television jaunt. It’s an energetic canter through the song and kicks off proceedings in a decent, upbeat way. Design have a very comprehensive website for those who want to dig a little deeper into their history.

Receiving a typically mocking introduction from Bernard, Charlie Williams’ first point of business when reaching the stage is to thank his fellow comedian (whilst likening him to Humpty Dumpty at the same time). A former professional footballer, when he retired from the game in 1959 he decided to pursue a career as a singer. But when he discovered that his between song banter was going down better than his crooning, he switched to comedy full time.

In one respect he was certainly a trailblazer – black comics were thin to non-existent during the 1970’s – although there’s something slightly uncomfortable about hearing him use the same sort of racist jokes (albeit of a mild variety since this was the Wheelappers) that his fellow, white comics would also have been peddling at the time. But due to his genial, inoffensive nature (“hello flower”) he just about gets away with it.

When Kristina Sparkle’s music career failed to take off, she pursued a parallel career on the impressions show Who Do You Do. Indeed, her Wheeltappers appearance shows that impressions were already part of her act – her spot here culminates with a medley where she mimics the likes of Cilla Black and Lulu. Fairly broadly it has to be said (whilst the way that the cameraman lingers on her rather shapely bottom for several seconds is quite noteworthy).

The Brother Lees mix comedy and impressions. Good to see that they do both Frank Spencer and Tommy Cooper (a seventies impressionist just isn’t a seventies impressionist otherwise). They take it in turns to do various celebs individually – including Roy Orbison and Harold Wilson – whilst also tackling others such as Ken Dodd, Bruce Forsyth and Max Bygraves in triplicate. None of their impressions are stunning, but since their act is so quickfire you don’t really notice – by the time you’ve registered their current impression, they’ve already moved onto the next. An above average turn.

Matt Monro adds a touch of class to proceedings with a trio a well-performed songs – Around The World, Let Me Sing (And I’m Happy) and Born Free. For once, the band all seem to be on the same page and this part of the show slips down very easily.

Normally you’d have expected Matt Monro to have been the headliner, but today there’s one more treat. And what a treat it is. Billed as Freddie and the Nightmares, Freddie Garrity, Frank Carson and Duggie Brown (all dressed as chickens) squawk their way around the stage. Mere words alone can’t do this justice, you simply have to see it (at least once). Colin succinctly sums them up. “We’ve had some bloody rubbish here, but that beats the lot”.

8 thoughts on “The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club – 31st December 1974

  1. Ah Design what a band. I have all 4 albums and a kind of b sides compilation. I should say that I’m a bit of a music collector/archivist mainly folk, Prog,psych and classic rock and Design cover the first 3 of those categories rather well albeit in a Two Ronnies guest spot kinda way. Shame this was their last outing. I also used to like the brothers Lees and wondered what had happened to them just the other day. Fabulous blog as ever

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  2. I’ve Found My World With You is actually called Around the World – it was a big hit for Bing Crosby in 1956.

    Let Me Sing A Happy Song is actually called Let Me Sing (and I’m Happy)


  3. Does anyone remember the OTT spin-off Saturday Stayback.

    It was a bit like The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club except it was shot in a real pub rather than a mock up of a working men’s club


  4. I must correct my message above. Design did 5 studio albums although the 5th wasn’t as good or quirky as their earlier albums. It was a reduced line up too as one of the girls had left. Looking at your picture this is the line up that played the Wheeltappers.
    Talking of the Wheeltappers there was a review in ‘Classic Prog’ magazine last month of an album called Wheeltappers and Shunters by the band Clinic. Unbelievably it attempts to recreate the essence of W&S in a prog rock setting. So if you want to hear what The Beach Boys, Donovan & Suicide might sound like filtered through Norman Collier, The Wurzels and Colin Crompton this is the album for you! Personally i can’t wait to hear it ☺


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