Look and Read – The Boy from Space comes to DVD

The Boy From Space BFI
The Boy From Space BFI

The Boy from Space is one of a number of British TV science fiction titles due to be released shortly by the BFI.  Originally broadcast in 1971 as part of BBC Schools’ Look and Read strand, it has gained a certain cult status over the years.

Written by Richard Carpenter (Catweazle, Robin of Sherwood), the original broadcast tapes were wiped following transmission, although the Boy from Space drama inserts were retained.

This meant that when, in 1980, Look and Read were looking for a cheap new production, it was decided to use the original 1971 inserts with newly shot studio footage featuring presenters Cosmo and Wordy.

The two disc release includes –

The 1980 series (10 episodes, each running for 20 minutes).

A new feature length edit of the drama inserts (70 minutes).

An audio version of the 1972 BBC Schools LP (running time 55 minutes) narrated by Charles Collingwood (Wordy).

A new presentation, syncing audio from the BBC Schools LP together with footage from the television broadcast.

Animated sequences and an illustrated booklet.

A full review of the DVD can be found here.

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