Hello.  Welcome to my blog about British archive television.  This will highlight programmes I’ve been watching whilst my Twitter feed – embedded in the blog and also directly accessable via @archivetvmus71 – contains many more archive treats.

The posts are broken up into categories (by decade and type – comedy, drama, etc).  You can also explore via the tags lower down the page.  Many of the programmes which have multiple posts can also be accessed via the top of the main menu (BBC/ITV/Christmas TV/Doctor Who/Grange Hill).

These top menu options have the posts re-arranged from oldest to newest (WordPress blogs display the newest posts by default).  So if you’re looking to read about, say, The Day of the Triffids episode by episode, then selecting it via the BBC button next to the Home button is the best option – since the posts will be in the correct order!

If you notice any broken links or have any comments or suggestions then please leave a message on the relevant post or drop me an email at archivetvmusings@gmail.com

I also have a theatre related blog at Theatre Musings.

32 thoughts on “About

  1. Not sure if that episode was unaired, since IMDB (who I know are hardly the bastions of accuracy) have it as the first transmitted episode.

    There are several unscreened eps though, so a DVD release would have a certain curiosity value, even if the entertainment value was low.


  2. Hi,

    I run an official “Are You Being Served?” site at:


    I would be very interested in using the pictures of Alfie Bass and Ferdy Mayne from the following page:


    on my site at:


    Please let me know of I can do this or not and if so, how you would like to be credited.

    Elina M. Lampart


  3. Have you covered “Within These Walls”? It was a 70s prison drama featuring Denys Hawthorne as Dr Peter Mayes


  4. I’ll probably get round to blogging about it eventually – although one of the plusses of tweeting regularly is that I can briefly cover many more series than I’d ever be able to if I was blogging an episode by episode overview. Maybe once I’ve gone through the whole series I might do just a few posts, looking more briefly at the individual episodes whilst taking an overview of the whole series. Something to mull over 🙂


      • I was curious about the source of your OTD postings on Twitter. BBC Genome is a good resource for jogging the memory, but I haven’t found an equivalent resource for the ITV regions.


      • I use the British Newspaper Archive for gathering these listings, an excellent resource, albeit one that you have to pay for. But a year’s sub isn’t that costly (works out at about the cost of an average print magazine each month).


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