Vanity Fair (BBC 1987) forthcoming from Simply HE

vanity fair

The 1987 BBC Classic tation of Vanity Fair will be released by Simply HE at the end of November 2014.  Promotional blurb –

Eve Matheson and Rebecca Saire lead the cast in this 16-part adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray s classic, filmed entirely at the Pebble Mill Studios. Set in the Napoleonic Wars, Vanity Fair is a rich and resplendent satire of English society in which according to Thackeray, there is great quantity of eating and drinking, making love and jilting, laughing and the contrary, smoking, cheating, fighting, dancing and fiddling. Becky (Eve Matheson), the penniless, orphaned daughter of an artist and a French opera dancer, and Amelia Sedley (Rebecca Saire), the sheltered child of a rich City Merchant are unlikely, but firm friends. From the drawing rooms of Regency London to the fields of Waterloo, Vanity Fair tells their story. Becky, an irrepressible schemer one of the most seductive social climbers of all time who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. While her friend, the meek and mild Amelia, pursues the opposite course. In the end both girls get what they want but not quite in the way they planned.

Whilst it’s pleasing to see Simply continue to release television programmes from the BBC archive, their quality control over the past year or so has been rather poor.  Various titles (Softly Softly: Taskforce, Spyship, Angels series 2, The Aphrodite Inheritence) have been afflicted by poor encoding which inadvertently “filmized” the VT sequences.

Thankfully, it appears that Vanity Fair doesn’t have these problems – so hopefully Simply have turned a corner with their QC procedures.

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