Grange Hill. Series Seven – Episode Three

grange hill s07e03.jpg

Written by David Angus. Tx 10th January 1984

There’s something in Jeremy’s nature which means he can’t help being deceitful.  Even if it doesn’t gain him anything, he still delights in misdirection and falsehoods.  Because of this it’s a pity he didn’t stay in the series a little longer, as there would have been considerable mileage for this sort of insidious character.

At the start of this episode he tells Zammo that there’s no point in waiting for Jackie – she’s left without him (in a car, with a strange young man).  It’s all a complete tissue of lies as we see Jackie failing to catch up with them and then later stropping in the Brookdale playground because she can’t understand why Zammo didn’t wait for her.  Why do it?  Zammo was bound to find out the truth eventually, but even when he does Jeremy won’t admit that he lied – merely that he must have been mistaken.  He has all the makings of a first class politician.

Annette continues to flout the school rules by wearing make-up, but this goes unnoticed since (on doctor’s orders) she’s able to wear sunglasses indoors.  This seems rather futile – why bother to wear make-up if no-one can see it?! – but there you go.  Her man-eating tendencies are commented upon, as Julie mentions she fancies anything in trousers.  Annette responds that it’s better than fancying someone in a skirt.  She quickly backtracks and mentions a Scotsman, but the inference is that Fay’s keen interest in Miss Gordon has not gone unnoticed by her.  Unsurprisingly this would be a topic that Grange Hill would skirt around very delicately – although as series seven develops, the chatter that Fay has a crush on her form teacher begins to intensify.

But then Miss Gordon clearly has a certain something, as both Mr Smart and Mr Howard are both still valiantly attempting to broach her defences.  First, Mr Howard offers her a lift as he’s going her way (she innocently asks him which way is that?).  Alas, Mrs McClusky steps in and asks him to cover Mr Keating’s detention which leaves him very downcast.  Mr Smart finds it hard to hide his jubiliation though!  Mr Smart pops round to the art room later, but he finds himself no further forward as she politely declines his offer of a lift as she already has one.  This leaves Mr Smart perplexed, does this mean there’s another rival for her affections?

Roland’s still looking scruffy, although his transformation from victim to bully (well sort of) begins here.  He starts a money-lending business, with interest charged on late repayments and there seems to be no end of people willing to take him up on it.  When he later joins forces with Jimmy McClaren (still to make an appearance) his change of sides is even more pronounced.

Jeremy gets nabbed by the bus inspector, who was never going to fall for his fake pass.  Why didn’t he just pretend he didn’t have the fare?  He would have got slung off the bus, but that would  have been better than waving a forged pass about.

One thought on “Grange Hill. Series Seven – Episode Three

  1. The bus used for both scenes here has front door entry yet it has an inspector on board. Was the switch from Routemasters to single staff buses staggered (possibly because of union opposition to winding down inspectors) or was it just a case of the wrong type getting booked/being available?


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