Superteams (1979)

Having spent some time recently watching Superstars, I’ve now moved onto Superteams. The formula remains the same, except – of course – this time around the sporting greats compete in teams rather than as individuals.

Superstars could often get quite competitive, but the 1979 Superteams was in a whole different league.  Today it’s Athletes against Footballers, with David Vine, Ron Pickering and Barry Davies on mic duty.

A large dollop of the intensity came from Geoff Capes, the captain of the Athletes. The highlight (or flashpoint) has to be the basketball match – which turns into a grudge match very, very quickly.  The Footballers delight in running rings around the Athletes for most of this one, much to the displeasure of Capes, who struggles to keep his anger in check ….

Sadly there’s no dips or squat thrusts, but the obstacle course is good fun.  It’s fascinating to see just how much it means to everybody – this is no light-hearted stroll in the park.

It’s in sharp contrast to Superstars, where more often than not there was a strong sense of camaraderie mixed in with the desire to win.  Or maybe this one was just especially tetchy (the 1980 Superteams is also on YT so I think I’ll be checking that out next).

The final challenge – tug of war – did seem to favour Capes’ side (he’s a formidable anchor man) but the result was in the balance right until the end. With everybody, especially the trio of commentators, taking it very seriously (plus the interaction of the locals who – at times – literally find the events occurring on their doorsteps) this is good fun and, at times, quite gripping.


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