Journey of a Lifetime – to be released by Network on BD and DVD (5th April 2021)

Journey of a Lifetime will be released on the 5th of April 2021 by Network on both DVD and BD. Press release is below –

Unseen for over 50 years, and now presented in colour for the first time, Journey of a Lifetime is an adventure of spiritual enlightenment across the Holy Land and through the Scriptures.

Filmed in the early 1960s throughout Israel and Jordan this unique quasi-documentary series follows young newlyweds, Ann and John, as they explore this sacred region rediscovering the past through their discovery of the present – while visiting such historic places as the Dead Sea, Nazareth, Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, Petra, Bethlehem, Samaria, Jericho, Emmaus, Judaea and the River Jordan.

Through their journey of discovery and enchantment the couple see for themselves the holy places that Ann’s faith has always made real for her while John, who keeps an open mind, finds that much which he considered miraculous and unlikely could well have happened. Their discussions and encounters with friends and strangers along the way reassert their understanding of the need for unity and tolerance between religious denominations.

Delving into the breathtaking landscapes of these ancient places, and with reference to key passages from the Bible, the landmarks the couple venture to are brought to life through religious teachings and stories – remaining a fascinating snapshot of these areas at the time.

Part travelogue, part history lesson and part reaffirmation of one’s personal faith, this is an absorbing series for the whole family – it does not preach but has a message for those who wish to listen.

4 thoughts on “Journey of a Lifetime – to be released by Network on BD and DVD (5th April 2021)

  1. I might have seen one of these at school

    Some of the Armand Denis wildlife films were shot in colour, but broadcast in black and white, but were also shown in colour in cinemas, and as with some of the BBC colour wildlife films, prints were available for schools.

    And I think colour prints of Journey of a Lifetime were shown in schools. I remember seeing a film about a couple visiting an archaeological dig in Asia or Africa and talking about Joseph the son of Jacob.

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  2. I may well buy this, just as much for its historical (1960s) interest as for its religious content. It’s easy to imagine the criticism the series might receive – “That’s not the way it would be made now” – which is of course illogical.
    Having said this, the images of the two actors do produce a slight feeling of unease. They undeniably resemble the “Aryan” notion of Europeans that the Nazis were so keen to promote. And even in 1961 the portrayal of all Christians as blonde and pink-skinned was untrue – this series would have seemed anachronistic in many parts of American, for example.

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  3. I remember seeing this series on ITV, as a very young boy. I didn’t realise the significance of the religious content at the time but I was captivated by the history of the Holy land that enfolded.
    I was interested to see that the series had been released as a triple DVD pack and in colour and I have watched all 39 episodes.
    I just love the photography, and the music score but more importantly the history and Christian content.
    It does seem dated by today’s offerings, but for me it is a classic piece of documentary theatre,
    It probably will not appeal to today’s “wokelings” and pc brigade but there is noting wrong with the portrayal of a couple having blond hair, white skin and blue eyes following the stories of the Bible.


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