Village Hall – Mr Ellis Versus the People

R.I.P. Ron Moody (1924 – 2015)

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For visitors to the blog from outside the UK, today is General Election day.  Of course, those from the UK will hardly need reminding of this as it’s been a constant topic of conversation in the media for some time.  And should no party gain a majority tomorrow, no doubt the conversation will go on!  But since I’ve made my trip to the polling station and cast a vote, it seems apt to dig out this episode of Village Hall, written by the late, great Jack Rosenthal.

The Village Hall has been turned into a polling station and present are three very different people.  First there’s presiding officer, Mr Ellis (Ron Moody).  Mr Ellis is a veteran of every election since 1945 and there’s nothing that could possibly happen which would surprise him.  He’s assisted by the eager young Mr Martin (Brian Miller) and the equally young and eager Miss Robinson…

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