Grange Hill. Series Three – Episode Nine

grange hill s03e09

Written by Phil Redmond. Tx 5th February 1980

The episode opens with Mr Sutcliffe and Miss Mooney having a rather public argument (which amuses Cathy and Trisha no end!).  Later, we see Mr Hopwood rather dismayed at the lack of interest shown by the pupils in discussing plans to set up the Outdoor Centre – only six people turn up.

But the bulk of the episode concerns itself with Penny Lewis’ crusade to expose Michael Doyle’s corruption and disinterest as a school rep.  She learns from Andrew and Justin that Doyle asked for fifty pence before raising the topic of the Outdoor Centre at the next school council meeting.  With Susi by her side she pens an incendiary article for the school magazine. Naturally, she doesn’t clear it with the teachers first, so both she and the editor have to face the music.

Doyle isn’t best pleased of course and confronts Penny and Susi – but luckily Alan and Tucker are around to see them off. Alan’s chivalrous action is another hint that he’s interested in Susi – a slow burn plot-line that will develop well into the fourth series.

It’s been stated before, and is again here, that as Doyle’s father is a local councillor (and also on the board of Governors at Grange Hill) his opinions tend to carry more weight than an ordinary parent. This is obviously unfair, but it’s something that Michael Doyle manages to use to his advantage and the teachers seem unable or unwilling to challenge this state of affairs.

The episode ends with a rather nice shot of a tearful Penny vowing to get even with Doyle. This is another plot-line that’s clearly not over yet.

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