Softly Softly: Task Force – Selected series three episodes now released on DVD in Germany

task force

The German company Pidax have just released Task Force Police – Volume One.  This contains eight episodes from series three, as below –

1. Bissige Hunde (Once Bitten)
2. Banküberfall (Hostage)
3. Die Flussratte (The Floater)
4. Erpressung (Aberration)
5. Safeschlüssel (An Inside Job)
6. Ein Ehrenmann (Man Of Peace)
7. Die Möbelpacker (The Removal)
8. Irgendein Platz (Anywhere in the Wide World)

  • There’s a little more information (although it’s naturally in German) on Pidax’s website here. Using IMDB as a guide, these episodes were broadcast 1-4, 6, 10, 13 and 17th (in total, twenty-six episodes were made for the third series).

The reason why some episodes have been omitted could be because German language tracks aren’t available.  But the good news is that unlike Pidax’s Maigret DVDs, all the episodes here do feature English language tracks.

I’ve heard that Simply plan to release series two next year, so they may get round to these episodes in due course.  But if you don’t want to wait, then the Pidax release is there.

Thanks to Berthold Deutschmann for bringing this to my attention as well as providing the screencaps below. Copyright in these images remains with the BBC.

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