Go Girl – Give Me A Ring Sometime

go girl

Go Girl was a thirteen part series from the early seventies about a crime-fighting Go-Go dancer (no really).  The show was beset by financial problems and never made it to air. Most of it was then wiped, with only the pilot episode now known to exist (this did eventually surface on VHS a decade after it was made and is currently available as a bonus feature on the UK DVD of Take An Easy Ride).

Luan Peters is the eponymous go girl, Carol.  Probably best known for playing an attractive New Zealand guest in Fawlty Towers, it’s obvious to see why Peters was cast – she’s perfect eye candy, capable of go-go dancing at the drop of a hat (and able to look remarkably cute in a bikini too).

It’s hard to work out whether Go Girl is a comedy, drama or something inbetween.  Events kick off aboard a boat, where a group of well-heeled guests are eagerly tucking into a generous selection of food and drink.  The direction favours extreme close-ups of the partygoers, which creates something of a claustrophobic feel.  Meanwhile, elsewhere on board somebody’s rummaging through a safe ….

Following the title sequence (“when she moves, she is out of this world, she has got to be a go girl”) we cross to a swinging discotheque, where Carol and her friends are go-going like mad to Slade’s Coz I Luv You.  After they take a break, a man called Juan (Walter Randall) trips her up and then plies her with champagne.

Long story short, he’s the man who’s stolen a pile of loot from the boat.  Carol may be blonde, but she’s not completely dumb and doesn’t buy his smooth chat up lines (“you must think I’ve just fallen off a Christmas tree”).  And the smile’s wiped off his face even further when he notices a man at the bar with a tattoo on his hand.

Juan disappears but he leaves behind an envelope.  Carol and her boyfriend Adam (Simon Brent) open it to find …. a treasure map!  They charter a boat to travel out to where x marks the spot, but by an incredible coincidence the boat is under the control of Rick (George Margo), who turns out to be the man with the tattoo (presumably Juan’s partner).  Oh, and Juan’s on board, he’s just very, very dead.

It’s a ridiculous plot twist, which suggests this is more comedy than drama.  The climatic fight on the very studio-bound island between Rick and Adam makes this even clearer.

Give Me A Ring Sometime is thirty minutes of gormless fun.  It was never going to win any awards, but there’s plenty of incidental pleasures.  Luan Peters is impossibly cute, medallion man Simon Brent (also the co-producer) is an effective sidekick whilst Randall and Margo both chew the attractive looking scenery with aplomb.  The way the live-action gives way several times to brief animated sequences is also an interesting touch.

Shot in Spain, it comes across as an exploitation-style take on a typical ITC adventure series and whilst it’s no lost classic, it’s diverting enough.

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