Wogan’s Guide to the BBC (1982)


Wogan’s Guide to the BBC is an entertainingly eclectic and idiosyncratic snapshot of the BBC circa 1982. Although Tel doorsteps some of the great and good – including James Burke, Frank Muir and Russell Harty – at the start of the programme (in order to winkle out some quick soundbites about what the BBC means to them) overall it’s a pleasingly unstarry sort of programme.

The two television drama productions covered – The Cleopatras and Beau Geste  – tend to concentrate on the production staff and extras rather than the stars (hard to imagine that sort of focus occurring today). It’s also noticeable that pretty much the same amount of time is devoted to both the BBC’s radio and television output.

For anyone who loves a dollop of Wogan whimsy, this is well worth your time.

3 thoughts on “Wogan’s Guide to the BBC (1982)

  1. Only two more years before the BBC’s centenary!

    I watched this programme when it was first broadcast. The first part of the programme was shot at a celebration dinner, part of which was broadcast as Dinner With Auntie. It featured speeches by Brian Johnson on sport at the BBC, Frank Muir (replacing Andre Previn) on music, and Robin Day on Light Entertainment.

    I remember the Sunday Serial version of Beau Geste, broadcast during the autumn of 1982. The last episode was shown the Sunday before Christmas and I missed my sister’s Sunday school nativity play to watch it. And I remember the Cleoptras, broadcast in early 1983. (Did anyone spot Richard Griffuiths in the background?)

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  2. Does anyone remember the rather self congratulatory See For Yourself? programmes broacast in early January during the late eighties


  3. I sat with my Beta VCR at the ready to record the Dr Who segment, still have it to this day. I think the Beau Geste segment preceded it and got that too, it was a Who director after all….

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