Back to Christmas 1985 (23rd December 1985)

There’s not a great deal of new stuff that’s tempting me on the BBC today, but luckily a few repeats will keep me happy. The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin is on BBC2 (the final episode of the first series in which Reggie – having faked his own death – decides to attend his memorial service as his long lost friend Martin Wellbourne from Brazil).

Then I’ll go to BBC1 for a peak-time repeat of the 1973 Morecambe & Wise Christmas Show at 8.00 pm. It’s not their best effort, but it certainly has its moments (“he’s not going to sell much ice cream going at that speed is he?”) and is certainly a step up from the rather dismal 1972 Christmas show (a recovered Eddie Braben was now back on scripting duty for 1973).

On ITV, I’ll be taping Coronation Street and then switching over from BBC1 at 9.00 pm for The Bill. As the episode title (This Little Pig) suggests, today’s installment has a porcine theme. Meanwhile over on the Street, there’s general revelry in the Rovers after Alf and Audrey tie the knot, although not everyone is happy ….

5 thoughts on “Back to Christmas 1985 (23rd December 1985)

  1. My chosen viewing for this day could have come from any time of the year – Crossroads, Coronation Street, Brookside, The Bill. Anything exceptional is a repeat.

    The Yorkshire Television Alan Plater play about Gracie Fields (a repeat from the same day in 1983) was both directed and produced by the recently-deceased Michael Ferguson. An authentic off-air recording (complete with adverts) can be found on YouTube.

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  2. I never did see What’s Up Chuck. There was another profile of Chuck Jones during Easter 1980, with Bugs Bunny of the cover of Radio Times. I never saw that.

    I didn’t see that year’s Blue Peter Christmas edition. Was it good?

    And speaking of children’s tv, I noticed that the school holiday morning line-up includes a programme on how to play chess.


  3. And I did see the repeat of The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. The first time I saw it in eight years. It felt like a belated (but much welcome) tribute to Leonard Rossiter who died the previous year.


  4. Talking of Coronation Street, I believe it wasn’t until 1987 (Hilda Ogden’s farewell) that they televised an episode on Christmas Day.


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