Back to April 1977 (26th April 1977)

First up today is Z Cars. Transit is an episode from the series’ penultimate run and like a fair number of the seventies episodes I’ve sampled, it’s reasonable enough fare (although far less compelling than the series’ early sixties heyday).

Having caught up with the Play for Today repeat yesterday, tonight it’s the sequel – The Country Party. Again written by Brian Clark and starring Peter Barkworth, this one isn’t as memorable as The Saturday Party, but there’s plenty of familiar faces in the cast (such as Tom Georgeson, Donald Pickering and Malcolm Terris). Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson share the screen together, possibly the first time they did so (they had earlier both appeared in several episodes of You Must Be Joking! but I’m not sure if they were on screen at the same time).

Following the recent announcement of Eric Chappell’s death, I’ve been dipping into his back catalogue during the last few days, so tonight’s series three episode of Rising Damp is just the ticket. Rigsby takes Miss Jones for a spin in his new sports car (with the inevitable hilarious consequences).  Tonight’s episode features a nice guest turn from the always reliable Derek Francis.

4 thoughts on “Back to April 1977 (26th April 1977)

    • They both appeared in the 1970 Children’s Film Foundation romp Junket 89. (one of the CFF’s better efforts.)


  1. Frustrating clash of single plays on this day! I think that my viewing would operate on the pretty secure anticipation that Rising Damp would be likely to get repeated freeing me up to watch: Crossroads, Z Cars, Play For Today. My father’s diary records watching “Sequel to last night’s play The Country Party”.

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  2. This must have been the last time the Double Deckers was shown on BBC. By then it had been on so many times and we were fed up with it so we watched Runaround instead. But we definitely switched back to BBC1 for Take Hart. It was either late 1976 or early 1977 when BBC2 repeated the last series of Vision On, and at the end of the programme instead of giving viewers the address to send their paintings and drawings for the Vision On gallery, they told viewers where to send pictures to Take Hart.

    I seem to remember The Waltons was on BBC2, but there it is on BBC1. It must have been Mary Ellen’s wedding.

    I remember the Comedy Special. The series included the pilot of Citizen Smith, A Roof Over My Head with Brian Rix which also led to a series, what proved to be a one-off revival of Michael Bentine’s It’s a Sqaure World, The Boys and Mrs B in which Thora Hird finds herself in charge of an inner-city youth club, and Maggie It’s Me in which Frances de la Tour finds herself living with an old school friend played by Rosemary Martin. They have nothing in common.

    Z Cars was, as you say, the penultimate series. They had a funky version of the theme tune for the later series, but went back to the original version for the final series.

    The Saturday Party and The Country Party sound intriguing.

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