Back to April 1977 (27th April 1977)

First stop is The Peacemaker, an episode from the third and final series of Survivors. Written by Roger Parkes it was the first of three scripts he contributed to series three (having already penned two episodes the year before). Parkes had an interestingly varied career – beginning with ITC series like The Prisoner and Man in a Suitcase before plying his trade during the seventies with the likes of Doomwatch, Crown Court, The Onedin Line, Blakes 7 and Z Cars (amongst others).

The M*A*S*H boxset has been sitting on my shelf for a number of years, so I might as well dust it down in order to enjoy a repeat of Check-Up.

Over on ITV there’s a repeat of Bless This House. The Frozen Limit is the episode in question (in which Sid and Jean buy a fridge freezer with the inevitable hilarious consequences).

For more light relief there’s Coronation Street. In today’s episode Alf, Fred, Renee and Mavis go fishing and have a day to remember. Renee ends up in the river (the stuntperson performing an athletic forward roll) and Mavis gamely jumps in to save her.

3 thoughts on “Back to April 1977 (27th April 1977)

  1. The subject of the This Is Your Life special was the ill-fated Earl Mountbatten.

    Madge Hindle recalls recording Renee Roberts’ fishing expedition in this interview –

    It was a good day for quality arts television about film (one of British television’s strong points in this period), with the Thames Disney documentary, followed by the Arena profile of Bertolucci. My viewing today would be: Crossroads, Coronation Street, Survivors, Walt Disney and finally (if I was still awake) Arena.


  2. Star Trek followed by Star Turn. Star Turn was much better than Give Us a Clue.

    I may have watched The Flintstones.

    I saw the first part of the two part documentary on Walt Disney, which covered the period from his black and white silent short cartoons to the the premiere of Snow White. The second part covered the period from 1940 when he made his best film, Fantasia, to the opening of the Disney theme parks. But I missed it because I was at the Scout group’s AGM.

    The annoying thing was we had to sit through a boring film show at the AGM. Normally at Scout AGMs the film show is film of what the Scout group did in the past year. But this was film of other Scouts from five years earlier.

    In the 1980s The South Bank Show did an excellent profile of Walt Disney. The whole of one part was about the making of Pinocchio.

    M*A*S*H was still featuring the original cast. I didn’t watch it until later. The first episode I watched was the one where Major Winchester joined.

    And Does Scotland Mean It? is a question that’s still being asked.


  3. The Conservative Party broadcast at 10pm suggests there were some local elections on the horizon in early May 1977.
    The Tories wouldn’t gain control for another two years.

    Bless this House had come to an end the previous year. I’m wondering if the repeated episode was shown to coincide with the first anniversary of Sid James’s sudden death?


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