Back to November 1982 (23rd November 1982)

BBC1 offers another episode of Angels, followed by Terry & June. We’ve reached S05E06 where T&J suspect there’s skullduggery occurring at the church social’s bingo drive and set out to investigate. Fairly low-key stuff as ever then, but familiar faces (like Ronnie Brody and Patsy Smart) make appearances, which helps to enliven the half hour.

There’s another Grange Hill repeat to enjoy – we’ve reached episode ten of series five, which sees the Grange Hill Phantom lurking about. Ghosts in the school was a storyline that would haunt (sorry) the show in the future, but at least back in 1982 they had the decency to deal with it in just one episode and not eke it out over a longer length of time.

When dipping into 1982’s schedules, it’s very noticeable just how many sitcoms are available each day. Apart from Terry & June, the 23rd also offers The Young Ones, Keep It In The Family and In Loving Memory. Out of those, I think I’ll add Keep It In The Family to my list. Today, Dudley (Robert Gillespie) has decided to go UFO spotting whilst Susan (Stacy Dorning) is playing dress up ….

One thought on “Back to November 1982 (23rd November 1982)

  1. On Tuesday afternoons I had no lectures at college, so I did see some children’s tv. CBTV was a favourite. Rentaghost had got too silly. I may have watched Screen Test. This week children from Northern Island and the Isele of Man answered questions on Herbie Rides Again, The Belles of St Trinians, Chiffy Kids: Decorators Limited, and Snow White,.

    The Adams Family were on Ask the Family.

    I might have knocked off studying to watch Russell Harty. But the best programme on that day was The Young Ones. I thought Bomb was the third episode, but apparently Boring (one of the Madness episodes) was third, and Bomb was third. But in the 1983 and 1985 repeat runs they put Bomb on third, and Boring fourth, so Boring was on the week before Interesting, which is more logical.

    The eighties was a great period for tv comedy, and The Young Ones was the comedy series of the eighties.


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