Back to Christmas 1982 (6th January 1983)

It’s time for the first TOTP of the new year. Tonight’s show offers a pretty decent line-up with Joe Jackson (Stepping Out), Ultravox (Hymn), Wah! (The Story of the Blues) and The Stranglers (European Female) all standing out.

There’s not a great deal more on BBC1 or BBC2 that’s appealing (or accessible) but I might put The Land That Time Forgot on my virtual VHS for later.

Like BBC1, ITV is filling out their early evening schedule with a movie (but Superman is a slightly higher budget effort than The Land That Time Forgot …).

C4 offers Treasure Hunt (stop the clock!) and the first episode of The Irish R.M, starring Peter Bowles.


2 thoughts on “Back to Christmas 1982 (6th January 1983)

  1. There was a feature on The Land That Time Forgot in the 1975 Monster Fun Holiday Special. I don’t know if you have that in your collection, but it would be more appropriate for Cult Movies Musings.


  2. Blue Peter would always be worth a gander in that era.As you say if it was available as not many 80’s editions are frankly.


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