Back to Christmas 1982 (7th January 1983)

The new series of Grange Hill continues with episode two and the sorry saga of Fay’s missing hockey stick (my old thoughts on the episode can be found here).

Later on BBC1, there’s a new series – The Fourth Arm. Produced by Gerard Glaister, it’s a decent enough series when taken on its own merits, but compared to the likes of Colditz or Secret Army (both also Glaister productions) it falls a little short.

The cast is good – headed by Paul Shelley as Major Hugh Gallagher (effectively reprising his Secret Army role of Major Nick Bradley) and the likes of Michael J. Bird, Alfred Shaughnessy and Brian Finch contribute scripts.

For the curious, it’s recently been uploaded to YouTube, so it’s worth checking out.

The fourth series of The Gentle Touch continues on ITV. Tonight’s episode is Private Views, written by Tony Parker. Shortly before putting on a policeman’s uniform for Juliet Bravo as Danny Sparks, Mark Botham guested in this episode as Neil Finch.

And that wraps up my fortnight in 1982/1983. Thanks to those who’ve come along on the journey with me. Time for a quick breather and I’ll be back soon …

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