Gerry Anderson’s Into Infinity (The Day After Tomorrow) to be broadcast on BBC4 – 9/11/14

into infinity

Gerry Anderson’s Into Infinity (also known as The Day After Tomorrow) is to receive a rare television screening.  BBC4 will broadcast it on Sunday, 9th November at 10:50 pm.

Since the DVD has only been made available to Fanderson members, this terrestrial outing is very welcome.

Into Infinity was written by Johnny Byrne, directed by Charles Crichton and was originally broadcast on BBC1 in 1976.  Planned as the pilot of a possible series, it featured some familiar names from previous Anderson ventures, such as Nick Tate and, as narrator, Ed Bishop.  Brian Blessed, a guest star from Space 1999, also features.

Post Space 1999. Anderson was to find funding for his projects hard to come by, so Into Infinity never got beyond the pilot stage.  But it’s certainly an interesting curio that’s worth a look.

EDIT – it will shortly receive a wider DVD release, see here for details.

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