1960’s BBC sitcom Hugh and I (Hugh Lloyd and Terry Scott) to be released by Simply HE in September 2015

hugh and i

Simply HE have announced that they will release a DVD of Hugh and I on the 7th of September 2015.

Hugh and I was a popular, if not first division, sitcom that ran on the BBC for six series, between 1962 and 1967, and starred Hugh Lloyd (a familiar face from Hancock’s Half Hour) and Terry Scott (later to enjoy sitcom fame, or infamy depending on your point of view, in Terry and June).

According to Lost Shows twenty four episodes exist, although the running time of the DVD suggests that it will contain eighteen.  Either the Lost Shows listing is incorrect or the running time is, as it doesn’t seem likely that Simply would only leave a handful of episodes for a second release.

Time will tell and if more information comes to light I’ll update this post.

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