Howards’ Way – Series One, Episode Six

howards 06

Ken’s had enough of Dawn.  “This is my pad and I want it to myself”.  I didn’t know that anyone in the eighties still called their flat a “pad”, or maybe it’s just more evidence that Ken is trapped in the seventies.  He’s no new man that’s for sure – handling Dawn roughly and making it certain she knows that after six weeks of cohabiting he’s had enough of her.

He treats Jan differently of course, but then she’s still of more use to him (certainly professionally and maybe personally).  His relationship with Dawn shows how beneath his affable exterior something nastier lurks, although he doesn’t feel he has anything to reproach himself for.  “Well I play ball with them. Show them a good time, plenty of laughs, treat them like royalty, and bingo, after a couple of weeks they think they’re home and dry and running the show.”  I love Ken, he’s so delightfully horrible.

Jack’s all-day drinking binge concerns Avril.  “The whole day, the whole night’s just one long drink to you”.  Can he change? Does he even want to change? Kate’s certainly keen to see him dry out but it’ll be no easy task.

Gerald Urquhart makes his first appearance, meeting with Ken to discuss a possible business venture.  The fact that Ken’s never met him before ties into Abby’s earlier comment that she hardly spent any time with her father as a child.  Of course from now on things change somewhat as both Gerald (and shortly Charles) take up permanent residence.  This early fencing between Ken and Gerald is just a taste of what’s to come.  Ken has some real estate which Gerald and Charles would like to acquire, but Ken knows that if he hangs onto it then he might be able to make himself a player.

Abby’s run away to become a social worker.  And that’s not a sentence you type every day.  It seems a little far-fetched that she could just roll up to the office and start work shortly afterwards, surely a few checks would have been sensible?  Or possibly the fact that Abby had been to a posh Swiss finishing school was deemed to be good enough.

Phil Norton continues to lust after Lynne.  Since Phil made his first appearance it’s been plain that he has only one thing on his mind and it’s not how good Lynne is as a sailor.  Antony Head’s performance can’t really be described as subtle – cartoon wolf sort of sums it up.  Luckily Lynne is more than capable of resisting his oily charms.

Leo continues to follow Avril around like a puppy dog, devotion shining in his eyes (I love Edward Highmore’s goofy grin after he pops into to see her at the yard).

Tom and Jan seem a little closer, although you can always rely on Ken to put a spoke in the works.  He’s discovered that Avril, via an intermediary, bought the Flying Fish and delights in sharing this news with Jan.  Jan, already feeling a little threatened by Tom’s close working relationship with Avril isn’t impressed …. cue dramatic cliffhanger as Jan confronts a puzzled Tom.

4 thoughts on “Howards’ Way – Series One, Episode Six

    • Yes, but the boy is only 18, for goodness sake, and his cheerful willingness to turn his mother into an alcoholic does not sound natural. Neither does it show his parents in a good light if he habitually treats alcohol as a method of relaxation.


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