Grange Hill. Series Three – Episode Fourteen

grange hill s03e14

Written by Alan Janes. Tx 22nd February 1980

The third years take a trip to work on the Outdoor Centre. Tucker inadvertently puts the girls’ tents up over an ants nest, Alan and Susi continue to work on their Judo, whilst Cathy puts her foot through a rotten floorboard in the upstairs part of the building and has to be taken to hospital.

The realisation that the floorboards are rotten causes concern. How much will it cost to repair them? As might be expected, money is tight and it looks as if the plans for the Outdoor Centre will have to be abandoned. Eventually a rescue plan is worked out later in the series (they decide to share Brookdale’s Outdoor Centre instead) but since it’s never seen again it’s a plotline that doesn’t go anywhere. A pity, since the odd trip to the Outdoor Centre could have been used to break up the (naturally) school-dominated run of episodes.

This is Alex Kingston’s final appearance as school-bully Jill Harcourt. Once Susi uses some of the Judo moves on her that Alan taught her, she’s no longer a threat and limps away.

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