Grange Hill. Series Eight – Episode Four


Written by David Angus.  Tx 27th February 1985

Calley’s latest wheeze is hypnosis, she certainly has a varied portfolio of interests.  Meanwhile, the Grange Hill Bridge-Builders scheme (Mrs McClusky’s plan to help the local, aged community) and preparations for the school musical continue apace.

There are more thefts, including Ronnie’s Walkman (taken from the staffroom) and we also see Gripper’s sister, Emma (Bonita Jones), for the first time.  Is there a connection between the two?  Emma could have been developed as a regular – it’s been a while since GH has had a female bully – but instead she only makes a couple of appearances, meaning we have to wait until next year and the arrival of Imelda before the series gains such a character again.

Ronnie’s convinced that Gonch pinched her Walkman and Calley uses her hypnotic powers to try and confirm if this is so.  But all it proves is that Gonch is a good actor as he manages to convince them all for a few moments that she really did hypnotise him.

The subject of Mr Bronson’s hair is touched upon.  Previously it was believed that it was dyed (inevitably leading to the question about what it died of) but now everyone seems to know it’s a wig – or at least Precious does, especially after she collides with him.  Mind you the way he anxiously checks it after the knock is a dead giveaway ….

Hollo plans to use the Bridge-Builders scheme to give his neighbour, Mr Light (James Ottoway) a helping hand.  Of course, Hollo hasn’t bothered to ask him first, which makes things a little awkward at first.  But after an unpromising beginning, Mr Light doesn’t quite turn out to be the stern curmudgeon we initially take him for (something of a cliché, true).

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