Grange Hill. Series Eight – Episode Ten


Gonch and Hollo’s newest rubbish-dump acquisition is a plastic mannequin which they dress in school uniform and take to school.  Unfortunately they drop him in the middle of an oncoming car when struggling to cross the busy road outside the school gates.

Since we can see a Lollipop leaning against the wall, it rather begs the question as to why there isn’t a Lollipop man or woman on duty.  It’s mentioned that the teachers are currently assigned to road duty, with Mr  Bronson taking his turn today.  Alas, we don’t see him wielding the Lollipop, which is a shame.

Fay is increasingly infatuated with the laid-back Jean-Paul, much to Julian’s irritation.  All of Fay’s previously held principles (such as a horror of cosmetics being tested on animals) seem to be slipping way, demonstrated best when she much prefers Jean-Paul’s present – perfume – to Julian’s – a rabbit.

Zammo and Jackie’s on-off-on-off relationship now seems to be back on, which leads to further tensions with Banksie.  The school production of West Side Story comes to a crashing halt when they learn that copyright problems mean that they won’t be able to continue.  A pity they didn’t check beforehand really …

No matter, the show must go on, even if it’s a different show from the one they’d originally planned.

Mr Smart continues his quest to tempt Miss Washington out for an evening of squash, but once again he’s foiled – this time because she’s too busy with the school play.  Poor Mr Smart, he seems to have plenty of luck, all of it bad.

Gonch and Hollo liberate Henry, although taking it to Mr Baxter’s lesson probably wasn’t the wisest move. Michael Cronin, as ever, is on fine-form as Mr Baxter comes face to face with Henry.

One thought on “Grange Hill. Series Eight – Episode Ten

  1. Why on earth has Julian taken a rabbit into school and why is Mr Bronson more concerned about how it’s being transported than its very presence?


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