Pathfinders to Venus. Episode Five – The Venus People

venus 05

The lights are even lower at the start of this episode then they were at the end of the previous one, so the Venusian cave-man is much less distinct than he was before.  This low-lighting seems to have foxed the vision mixer – at one point Margaret screams that he’s “breaking though” as the camera cuts to what appears to be an empty frame.

As the Venusian (Bob Bryan) ambles out of the cave, we get a closer look at him.  I think it’s fair to say that he’s possibly not going to be a terribly interesting conversationalist.

The Venus People gives us a break from watching everybody traipsing through the forest as instead they spend their time traipsing through caves instead.  As ever, things aren’t straightforward – Margaret gets separated from the others but (as luck would have it) she runs into Brown and Wilson.

Brown has to do a little bit of quick talking since he’d convinced Wilson that everyone else on the rocket was dead.  He does admit that he lied, but Wilson doesn’t seem too bothered about being deceived.  During these scenes you have to admire Hester Cameron. Margaret has been forced to carry Hamlet for some time, which must have been a little irritating.

Brown finds a narrow ledge which he believes leads to the city.  He’s happy to risk his life crossing it, but Margaret and Wilson are less keen.  But when they hear the wails of the Venusians, she has no choice but to follow.  There’s a bit of a technical blip here – we see Brown cross over, but then George Coulouris walks through the back of  the frame, presumably making his way to the next set.

Wilson meets up with Conway and the others and they too attempt to cross.  The dramatic stock music goes up a few notches as Brown is trapped by a large rock.  A Venusian child (Brigid Skemp) appears to offer Margaret a way out ….


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