Blakes 7 coming to Forces TV – September 2021

Blakes 7 will be teleporting to Forces TV (Sky 181, Freeview 96, Freesat 165, Virgin 274) from next month.

For us old sweats who have the series on DVD (and before that VHS) this won’t be news to get the pulse racing, but it’s always worth bearing in mind that most people have never really assembled DVD archives of any size, so this will be their first opportunity to see the series for a few decades (and it might even pick up a few new fans along the way).

Forces TV have made some interesting digs into the BBC archives recently (such as No Place Like Home, which was only ever partly commercially available) and hopefully they will continue in this vein.

4 thoughts on “Blakes 7 coming to Forces TV – September 2021

  1. This is good news. I enjoy Forces TV, lots of things i haven’t seen in many years… Sykes, Man from Atlantis, Chips etc… Sadly never watch BBC at all these days.


  2. There was one time I went to a charity shop and they had a set of Blake’s 7 videos. All 52 episodes on 26 tapes, except that one tape was missing. But the shop assistant told me that one of the tapes might be in the back of the shop, and she put the other tapes aside for me, and took my phone number, and told me that she would phone me if they found the missing tape. And later they did ring to say they’d found the missing tape, but when I went to the shop they had the missing tape, but not the other 25 tapes, and it turned out that in the meantime someone else had sold the other tapes.

    I never shopped there again.


  3. Hopefully Blakes 7 gets a decent evening broadcast slot and doesn’t have jokey look at the crap effects type ads.Mind you they haven’t for other shows there,so hopefully it gets the respect it deserves,especially the early series.


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