Back to Christmas 1985 (3rd January 1986)

Wrapping up my fortnight in 1985/1986, with a few choices from this day – beginning with Yellow Submarine on BBC2. I don’t remember this being on in 1986 but I’m sure I would have watched it as anything Beatles-related would have registered on my radar.

It might have only been around 15 years old at the time, but it already had the vibe of a charming period piece and indeed that’s how it comes across today.

Then it’s over to ITV for Doug Henning’s Magic on Broadway. The perpetually laid-back Henning was always a pleasure to watch and although this glitzy showbiz magic feast might not be to everyone’s tastes, it certainly hits the mark for me.

I’ll round off the evening with the third and final part of Unknown Chaplin on C4.

Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read or comment on these posts, it’s been an interesting trip. I think I’ll have to use the randomiser and pick another year to sample soon.

6 thoughts on “Back to Christmas 1985 (3rd January 1986)

  1. The Wogan line-up tonight is interesting enough to plan to watch – Rowan Atkinson, Ronnie Corbett, Felicity Kendall, Barry Manilow & Eddy Shah. Otherwise, its a night when there’s always something diverting enough on at any given time if I feel like watching on a whim, but will probably end up reading a book instead.

    H A P P Y N E W Y E A R , R E A D E R S !

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  2. The last page of the TV listings makes reference to next week’s specials that includes a new comedy called Constant Hot Water. This was a vehicle for Corrie legend Pat Pheonix who had departed the cobbles two years earlier.

    Sadly, the sitcom only lasted one series and recieved a very ‘luke warm’ (excuse the pin) reception from viewers. A bigger tragedy was that this was to be Pat Pheonix’s final TV project before her death later in the year.

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  3. I saw another Doug Henning show on BBC2 with Sandy Duncan as the guest. He did a trick where he turned them both into children. He also was a guest on The Muppet Show

    We did watch Summer Holiday. And then I taped the second best Beatles film.

    I first saw Yellow Submarine when it was first shown on tv on Easter Monday 1974, when we only had a black and white tv. I saw it again two years later during the summer of 1976 when the BBC did a season of Beatles films. The BBC did a season of Beatles films at Christmas 1979, with Yellow Submarine on Christmas Eve, but we didn’t have time to watch it and my mum said we’s seen it before, but we hadn’t seen it in colour. And I finally did see it in colour on January 1986.

    The best visit to the cinema I had in 2018 was when I went to see the fiftieth anniversary rerelease of Yellow Submarine in screen 1 of the Picturehouse Central. There was a good atmosphere. There was a couple who wore Beatles tee-shirts (he wore a Sergeant Pepper shirt, she wore a Hard Day’s Night shirt), there was a man who wore Yellow Submarine socks and a shirt with pictures of the Beatles from the Sea of Science sequence. And there were a lot of family groups, and for some of the children it must have been their introduction to the Beatles. When I first saw Yellow Submarine when I was nearly ten I thought it was a fantastic cartoon, and it still is.

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  4. Perhaps next time you should have a look back at a year when Christmas Day was on the same day of the week as the current year.

    For example next Christmas Day will be on a Sunday, so you could have nostalgic look back at 1977, 1983, 1988 or 1994.

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  5. I recall 3 January 1986 as the day comedian Dustin Gee died, which received some media coverage at the time. I remembered being quite surprised and shocked about it. I was very young (about to turn 6) but still made an impression. Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy died the very next day.

    Both men’s funerals were covered in the ITN news on 9 January:-


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