Grange Hill. Series Four – Episode Two

grange hill s04e02

Written by Phil Redmond. Tx 2nd January 1981

The continuing vandalism has meant that more and more restrictions are being placed on the pupils. This doesn’t please Trisha, who teams up with Pamela, Susi and Justin to work out a way to change things – much to Cathy’s disgust.

Since Andrew Stanton is absent for some reason, the character of Christopher (Paul Ellison) seems to have been created to perform exactly the same function – to be Justin’s friend and feed some lines to him. After appearing in three of the early episodes he returns later on for the French trip episode (although he has little to do in that one).  It’s another example of someone who just appears out of nowhere but has apparently always been there.

Booga and Tucker continue to clash, whilst Trisha and Cathy’s friendship is put under more strain due to their differing interests (a storyline that will develop for a while).

There’s a nice run-in between Thomson and Tucker, which occurs when Thomson incorrectly believes that Tucker’s been writing on the wall. Bateson continues to wring every comic drop out of the character that he can (such as calling Tucker “Jasper” for no particular reason!)

Their confrontation becomes slightly physical when they both get involved in a shoving match, although Tucker claims that Thomson hit him first. But it’s no surprise that authority wins out and Tucker is forced to scrub down the wall. This whole incident makes Tucker more than keen to join the campaign of school rights (whereas he’d previously been less than keen on the idea).

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