Back to April 1980 (5th April 1980)

I’ll be sticking with BBC1 today. First there’s Wonder Woman, with the series three episode The Starships are Coming. An everyday tale of alien invasion (or is it?). By this point the show was beginning to run out of steam, but this is a decent one – very silly of course, but that’s the appeal of WW.

A sharp change of pace next, for All Creatures Great & Small. Big Steps and Little ‘Uns is a key episode – the final episode of series three (which at the time seemed to spell the end of the series) it ends on a sombre note as James and Siegfried, with WW2 looming, both face the prospect of leaving the security of the Dales for an unknown future. This is obviously the cue for a series of emotional farewells which the regulars play pitch-perfectly.

I’ll round off the evening with a double dose of Dallas, which sees Jock stands trial. My Dallas rewatch has somewhat run aground during the last year, so possibly dipping in here might reignite my enthusiasm to pick it up again.

7 thoughts on “Back to April 1980 (5th April 1980)

  1. Showjumping on ITV – not the BBC – for a change!

    This is a pretty undistinguished day. Neither of the Search For A Star and Saturday Night At The Mill line-ups are quite enticing enough to watch. If I was to magic my present self back into 1980, I’d just watch All Creatures and probably They Shoot Horses, Don’t They just trumps Match Of The Day. Looking in my father’s 1980 diary, I see that he watched They Shoot Horses that evening – I think I can remember him telling me about it over the breakfast table on the Sunday morning.

    I wouldn’t have watched any of this. I probably saw the 5.15 BBC1 News because my parents would have had it on. I never liked Rolf Harris as a child, though I didn’t mind him later on, as a presenter of superb cartoons.

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    • I used to watch Rolf On Sarurday. His best record was War Canoe.

      I remember Rolf Harris Cartoon Time, but I preferred Stay Tooned with Tony Robinson, although that got over-analytical by the end.

      Similar programmes included a cartoon show hosted by Clement Freud in the late sixties. They showed a lot of obscure cartoons but always finished with Tome and Jerry. The series finished the week before Nationwide started.

      I also remember Cartoon Carnival hosted by Ali Bongo who also showed viewers how to do magic tricks.

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  2. That originally was going to be the end of that run of Dallas.Jock’s trial but the show had really taken off by then so more episodes were filmed in that run.And someone came up with the great idea of shooting JR as the cliffhanger to that season.And the rest is history.


  3. 5th of April 1980 was Easter Saturday. So I wouldn’t have been watching tv that day as I was camping in Wales. A famous rabbit appeared on the cover of Radio Times that week.

    It wasn’t a very inspiring line-up. Swap Shop had just finished. Tiswas was still running, but I didn’t like Tiswas.

    Probably the best thing was the now largely forgotten game show MasterSpy. I believe only oned edition still exists.

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