Back to April 1981 (6th April 1981)

BBC1 is my first stop for Star Trek and The Lights of Zetar. It’s a series three episode, which is the cue for disappointment for some (although I’ve never found the later episodes to be that bad). And since this is the only one co-written by Shari (Lamb Chop) Lewis, it’s worth a look for that reason alone. According to Genome, it was previously broadcast in 1971 and 1973, so Zetar fans have had quite a wait to see it again.

Today’s Coronation Street is slightly ahead of my current rewatch, but I think I’ll dip in to see what’s going on (possible romance for Fred, according to the Daily Mirror blurb).

Undoubted highlight of the day is Yes Minister on BBC2 at 9.00 pm. The final episode of series two, A Question of Loyalty is as sharp today (if not more) than it’s ever been.

If there’s time, I might catch the repeat of The Sweeney over on ITV. Ranald Graham’s Nightmare is the episode getting another airing today.

4 thoughts on “Back to April 1981 (6th April 1981)

  1. It was a Monday.

    I might have watched Blue Peter that night, and if I had I would have watched Fred Bassett afterwards. I think I saw the beginning of Cool Hand Luke that time. I do remember seeing the start of it on tv. I saw the whole film much later as part of the Picturehouse Vintage Sundays slot.

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  2. During the spring of 1981 BBC2 showed an old Saturday morning cinema serial King of the Rocket Men on weekday evenings. Had that finished by April?


  3. I would probably have watched a great stretch of BBC1 all the way from Cheggers to Ask The Family. I would then have watched Yes Minister with my parents, before my bedtime at 9.30. In recent years I’ve seen those episodes of Coronation Street, World In Action (on the particularly atrocity -heavy second Network WIA collection – that edition includes film of a massacre at an anti-Klan rally (the Klansmen seen firing were later acquitted by an all-white jury)) and The Sweeney.

    Thinking myself back into 1981, I would choose to watch Crossroads, Coronation Street, World In Action and Yes, Minister that evening. If I was in in the day I would watch Crown Court and if I had a video I would tape The Sweeney to keep.

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