Grange Hill. Series One – Episode Eight

grange hill s01e08

Written by Phil Redmond. Tx 29th March 1978

After Doyle steals an antique flintlock pistol, loaned to the school for the upcoming festival, the boys and girls team up to recover it.

Tucker’s convinced that Doyle took it – but he has no evidence. Trisha overhears him confronting Doyle and decides to take action herself. The relationship between Tucker and Trisha is always a joy – particularly in this episode when they call an uneasy truce in order to find the pistol. But some of the girls aren’t necessarily convinced that Tucker’s telling the truth (Ann reminds him that he once claimed that the Headmaster had a wooden leg!). However, Trisha does believe him (as she doesn’t trust Doyle – she thinks his eyes are too close together).

Various ways are mooted by the boys and girls about how they can prise the truth out of Doyle. Sending him to Coventry is one idea, whilst Tucker naturally favours beating the truth out of him. Surprisingly, the goody-goody Ann Wilson doesn’t consider this to be a totally bad idea either. And it’s the highly sensible Ann who eventually saves the day – by suggesting that the pistol could be returned anonymously.

Plot-wise, this one is fairly thin, but it’s the performances, especially Todd Carty’s spot-on comic timing, which make it so memorable.

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