Back To Christmas 1985 (28th December 1985)

BBC1’s schedule today isn’t especially enticing (or offering too much that’s accessible) but I’ll certainly be tuning in for this evening’s big movie – Death on the Nile. Although I’d already caught all of ITV’s Agatha Christie adaptations (Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?, The Seven Dials Mystery, The Agatha Christie Hour, Partners In Crime) there was something about this film that clicked with me. So much so, that early in the New Year I sought out the novel and so began to collect Christie’s back catalogue in earnest.

Spookily, it’s also on today (28th December 2021, 16:45 on BBC2) which is an appealing piece of synchronicity.

BBC2 also offers a good movie, The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3. It doesn’t outstay its welcome at 105 minutes (and Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw are always excellent value) so that’s one to tape for later viewing.

Blue Money on ITV might be a repeat, but it looks good to me, so it’ll also go on the list.

5 thoughts on “Back To Christmas 1985 (28th December 1985)

  1. I think that the only thing I watched that day would have been ‘Les & Dustin’s Laughter Show’ on BBC1. Admittedly I haven’t re-investigated their work since, but I suspect that 13 years old was the ideal age to derive the maximum pleasure out of their comedy.

    There are any number of films on today, pretty much all of which are worth watching to some extent (especially on BBC2), but not so much in the way of (new) programmes. I imagine that I’d end up watching a film at some point, but the only programme that I’d make a date to watch would be ‘Barry Norman’s Guide To American Songs’ at 10.25 on BBC1.

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  2. Into the second week of the double issue.

    Only a short edition of Saturday SuperStore this week. I didn’t watch SuperStore very often. I had a Saturday job when the first three series were shown, and then when I got a full time job I still didn’t watch it that often. (Although when my sister worked on Saturdays she used to tape Going Live.) I have seen clips of SuperStore on the internet and Doctor Who DVDs and it was very good,

    Once again the films are more interesting than the tv programmes. It was the first time Watership Down was shown on British tv, although I think we may have hired the video earlier that year. I did hire the video of The Plague Dogs from the library which I don’t think has ever been on tv, and it is a better film.

    There are two Alfred Hitchcock films including The Wrong Man. The Wrong Man is unusual because instead of his usual cameo during the film Alfred Hitchcock gives a spoken introduction, and this is because it was based on a true story.

    I’ve seen Orson Welles version of Macbeth, but I’ve never seen the Roman Polanski version.

    The Taking of Pelham One Two Three features a gang of crooks using the code names Mr Blue, Mr Brown, Mr Grey and Mr Green, and that was where Quentin Tarantino got the idea for the thieves having colour coded names in Reservoir Dogs.


  3. From 1986 a Bergerac special was staple viewing till 1991.Started with the best special Fires In The Fall,one of those weird supernatural tales the series had started to tackle at this stage.


    • I loved the very early Bergerac episodes, but I felt by 1985 when they introduced the Susan Young character, the show started to go slightly off the boil with some odd episode plots.


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