Back to April 1985 (9th April 1985)

Skipping 1984 (which had fairly slim pickings) I’ve moved onto 1985 which looks a little more promising.

EastEnders, No Place Like Home and The Day The Universe Changed offers a pretty decent early evening lineup on BBC1.

I continue to pine about the scarcity on Pot Black online. Maybe one day there might be a stash added to the iPlayer – we can but dream. Tonight’s 1985 match isn’t available, but there’s another from the same series close at hand, so that will have to do.

There are a few possibilities on ITV, but the only thing that really appeals is the repeat of Chance in a Million.

5 thoughts on “Back to April 1985 (9th April 1985)

  1. You’ve missed out the most interesting programme from this day that can be found online – Episode 5 of ‘Who Sir? Me Sir?’, a BBC Children’s drama adaptation from K.M. ‘Flambards’ Peyton:

    I was a first former in 1985, and watching a lot less children’s television (and was supposed to be doing my homework when I came home from school). It was quite likely that I watched Blockbusters. The big thing that I watched was Granada’s 13 part documentary series ‘Television’. The combination of archival material and seeing arguments about television comprehensible set out, must have had a great effect upon my development – more so than what I was doing in school.

    If I was constructing an evening’s viewing out of this now, it would go: Crossroads, EastEnders, Brookside, Television (and I’d probably stay up to see Film ’85).


    • It was the Easter holidays so you might have watched more tv that day. When I started secondary school I watched children’s tv and did my homeork after tea, except for Tuesdays when the Tarzan film was on.

      In the second year I tried to do my homework when children’s tv was on, but there was usually something to watch on BBC children’s tv.


  2. 9th of April 1984 was a Monday and at least there was Blue Peter. (According to BBC Genome there was an item about Petra’s statue being moved, so this would have been the same time they buried the second time capsule.) And BBC2 screened Black Narcissus, which I later saw on my first visit to the Everyman Cinema as the second part of a double bill with Peeping Tom.

    9th of April 1985 was a Tuesday, the day after Easter Monday. It’s still not that inspiring. 1985 was the year that EastEnders ruined our lives forever. BBC were showing The Monkees again (after ITV had had them on Saturday morning tv in the late seventies), and Channel 4 were already showing Bewitched. The Educated Trout was a wildlife programme from The World About Us but Amazing Bass is not about fish.


  3. Miami Vice finally reached the UK shores in early 1985, after it’s launch in the States the previous year. The episode listed is actually called the Great McCarthy which was one of the stronger episodes from the first season.

    Also Brookside was in its prime in 1985 – this was the year of the seige on the close, but that wasn’t until the summer. The episode in the listings refers to the lovely Heather (played by a young Amanda Burton) who was never short of male admirers if I recall.


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