Back to April 1977 (29th April 1977)

Drawing a blank with the BBC channels, but luckily ITV is a pretty happy hunting ground today.

First, there’s a repeat of The Ghosts of Motley Hall. You can’t fault the cast (Arthur English, Peter Sallis and Freddie Jones amongst others) plus you’ve got scripts from Richard Carpenter, so we should be set for an entertaining half hour.

At 7.30 pm on London there’s an episode of Backs to the Land (Alarms, Excursions and Day Trips). This DVD’s been sitting on the shelf for a while, so this is a good opportunity to dust it down and take a look (David and Michael Troughton featured in the first series playing – not surprisingly – brothers).

After Hawaii Five O, the main drama of the evening will be Raffles. Mr Justice Raffles is tonight’s installment – John Savident (on excellent form as an odious moneylender) and Charles Dance guest in an episode from towards of the end of the series. Like the majority of the episodes it was adapted by Philip Mackie, which is an extra incentive to watch (two of Mackie’s previous serials, The Caesars and An Englishman’s Castle, are currently sitting on my tottering pending rewatch pile).

5 thoughts on “Back to April 1977 (29th April 1977)

  1. ITV wins heavily over BBC1 tonight! My viewing choice would be: Crossroads, Raffles, Russell Harty. Harty’s guests Edna O’Brien and Erica Jong sounds like a lively converstion… A lot more appealing than many Parkinson line-ups, and something that would deserve an audience beyond London.


  2. The story on Play School was A Great Day For Up, a Doctor Seuss book illustrated by Quentin Blake.

    Inch Eye Private Eye was a cash in on the success of Hong Kong Phooey.

    Looking at ITV it’s surprising what I didn’t watch. I never watched The Ghosts of Motley Hall despite the fact that I like Ghost stories and it was by the creator of Catweazle. I never watched University Challenge when it was on ITV, but I have watched it on BBC2. (Jeremy Paxman has now been doing it for longer than Bamber Gascoigne did.) I nover was a fan of Magpie.

    I wouldn’t have watched tv in the evening as I was at Scouts, but may have been home to catch the end of Call My Bluff.


  3. No interest in “The Fantastic Journey” ? In my memory it was a little soppy and sentimental, and it’s location filming reminded one of so many other series of that time, such as “Wonder Woman”, “Logan’s run” and “The man from Atlantis”


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