Back to 1982 – 13th August 1982

Another day of repeats and old movies. The Laurel and Hardy season continues with Scram (which will go on the list). I might also watch One of Our Spies is Missing (one of the Man from Uncle ‘movies’ which was cobbled together from several tv episodes). The Man from Uncle isn’t a series that I’ve ever felt the need to investigate in too much depth – I’ve always found the occasional dip to be quite sufficient.

Post 9.00 pm, female cops are on the beat both on BBC1 (Cagney & Lacey) and on ITV (The Gentle Touch). The Gentle Touch will be my choice, although these days I find it a slightly sluggish watch (although the P.J. Hammond episodes are always of interest). Hand on heart I find that Juliet Bravo has aged better for me, but maybe today’s episode will kickstart my interest into beginning a complete rewatch.

(Steve Race is today’s eye man).

One thought on “Back to 1982 – 13th August 1982

  1. Jigsaw was a repeat, although the first series got it debut during the summer holidays in 1979. The best bit was Sylvester McCoy and David Rappaport as the O-Men.

    Film Fun with Derek Griffiths was a good showcase for cartoons, And speaking of which, the Tom and Jerry cartoons shown earlier in the week were ones made by Chick Jones in the sixties, but The Alley Cat was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon from 1941 featuring some cats who would later pop up in the Tom and Jerry series. Cartoon Two is a British animated film from 1978 called Movieola.

    And speaking of Steve Race, My Music was an entertaining programme.

    Globe Theatre was a series of tv plays from around the world. The Japanese play Amaghi sounds interesting.


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